Wilson Architects

Timeless Appeal – Consistent Approach



As Wilson Architects moved in to their 125th year, the practice also grew dramatically – with a rapid increase in architectural personnel and recent completion of a newly refurbished set of offices. In contrast to this, the practice identity remained unchanged and was at a point it deserved a fresh approach – whilst there was nothing specifically wrong with it – it no longer reflected the new office culture and renovated premises. An evolution of the existing identity was needed.



The previous logotype, which used the typeface Gill Sans, had become condensed on the horizontal axis. We re-drew the type to achieve a better overall balance and provided a set of brand identity guidelines. These document the brand identity standards which ensure that consistency is maintained across their material.



“Our revised identity successfully responded to how we wished to portray ourselves as an office – a clean, crisp appearance of timeless appeal. The identity guidelines offered a logical and consistent branding across all of our documents and resolved a legacy of inconsistency. It made for a refreshing upgrade and was appreciated by all staff as it reflected the cultural changes made to the office.”

John Thong, Director — Wilson Architects