Complexity Made Simple



Stemformatics is a collaboration between the stem cell and bioinformatics community. Their objective is to make accessible the plethora of cell models – many of which tend to remain hidden in private domains. Stemformatics approached us seeking assistance with their web based application. The application enables biologists to upload their own data and compare it with others’ in a way that helps them visualise genes of interest in order for them to identify further research objectives and share their work.



We worked with Stemformatics right at the start of the project. We needed to understand what functionality the application would deliver so that we could work on the application structure, look & feel & graphics. We created a simple name based brand identity and a clean site. Over time the application design and graphics have been fine tuned based on user feed-back.



“The application has attracted a lot of attention from the stem cell and bioinformatics community. We have been published in several scientific journals, and we have users across Australasia, USA, Canada, South America, India, Europe and UK. The clear graphics and easy-to-use layout are often remarked on in our user feedback and so these have undoubtedly contributed towards the site’s success.”

Professor Christine Wells,

Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience,

University of Melbourne