Shag Rock

B(r)and Strategy



In today’s music industry there is a number of challenges facing the arrival of any new band. The industry is constantly evolving with an endless flow of fresh faces and new voices filling the airwaves all vying for audience attention. For example, on Triple J Unearthed at any one time there are 99,000 tracks! To slice through this mêlée it takes a vast amount of practice and hard work to perfect timing, rhythm and harmonies in order for five school friends to stand out in the glut of boy band hopefuls.

At the same time any relatively young group needs to quickly form an identity that reflects not just their current musical style, but also the collective and individual personalities within the band. Achieving this in a balanced and even handed manner to reflect each band member’s personality is not an easy task – but a vital one in order to achieve success. Shag Rock approached us to help with this – they had a great sounding name (and even better sounding songs), but had not developed a cohesive visual identity.

We ran a workshop with the band members using Design Thinking methodology to help the individuals better understand themselves and each other. To understand their influence within the band environment as well as the underlying nature of the band they had all created along with the music generated. Our goal on the one hand was to identify where their music sat and where they saw themselves in the future within the context of the Australian music industry. On the other and more importantly we needed to determine and develop a strategy that would provide direction to help them achieve their full potential, whilst still remaining true to their underlying philosophy of being ‘down to earth’. Together we settled on a central brand concept based around everything that is “Genuine”.

“The Shag Rock identity was launched at the same time as their self-titled album was released through ex Powder Finger player, producer Ian Haag & Air Lock studios. Within three months, the single 'Champagne' reached number four in the regional and Metro Charts and the band was propelled into a whirlwind of media appearances. The bright new surf-culture inspired Shag Rock identity has helped embed the band into the national music scene.”

Andrew Wilson — Band Manager