Breaking into New Markets



‘KMA Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services’ had been operating for over twelve years. The business was well established and expanding – an electrical division was being planned for. This highlighted a problem with the company’s name which focused specifically on refrigeration and air conditioning services. The shortcomings of the name became the driver for a brand identity review.



A survey of KMA customers revealed that the existing name was not well recognised. Within KMA itself the company name was becoming diluted: ‘KMA Refrigeration’ … ‘KMA Air Conditioning’ and ‘KMA Services’ these inconsistencies were defusing the impact of their brand. We recommended a name and identity change that would reflect the new direction of the company. Working with KMA, their managers and staff, we created something clean & crisp that would reflect their core values: ‘Navaska’ a made up word (loosely connected to a Swiss word for snow). The new identity was applied to a wide range of items and launched to coincide with the creation of the new division.



“Navaska branding has armed us with a new confidence in our marketing – it has helped raise our profile and we have been able to break into new sectors that we simply had not dreamed of operating in before.”

Ross McLennan — Managing Director, Navaska