Ranald Duhig & Co

Fresh & 'In Your Face'



Ranald Duhig & Co are accountants. In 2003 their existing identity had been in place for 13 years. It was conservative and understated: very appropriate for a local firm handling general accountancy work for small businesses…however their focus is in providing specialised advice to the glitzy world of the film industry – the old identity simply did not reflect the sector they worked for, or the kind of specialist knowledge they held.



We looked at the their competitors’ identities which comprised a mêllée of uninspiring, polite word marks. We saw an opportunity for the firm to stand out from the crowd by embracing a dynamic attention-grabbing new logo. We devised a series of colourful word marks created from the idea of ‘putting your name up in lights’.



The new identity has helped raise the firm’s profile and has changed their clients’ perception of them:

“In the film industry it is important to move with the times and constantly come up with new ideas. The new logo is fresh & ‘in your face’, which is great because it reflects the way we adjust our work practices to maximise our clients’ position.” Ranald Duhig — Principal