Lawtools – GFB

Positioned for Growth



Lawtools was established in 1949 and is now a third generation Australian company that operates as an importer, distributor & supplier of a wide range of products and tools.

In particular it manufactures with partners in Taiwan a specialised range of bits and accessories for power tools, which are branded ‘GFB’. The range has steadily grown over the years and become the most extensive in Australia.

However, the brand mark and packaging developed in a somewhat ad-hoc manner, and many inconsistencies crept in over time. This blurred product lines with a colour coding system that became over-complicated. The result was a jumbled hierarchy of information that presented poorly. The brand strategy and packaging needed to be rethought.



We completed an in-depth study of the GFB main competitors through a comparison of their products, packaging and branding. We then determined and established a stronger position for GFB to maintain within the market place in order to differentiate their brand from that of the competition. This became “Industrial Tough”. We evolved the logo by simplifying and strengthening the earlier chevron symbol (which ironically faced backwards). The static and somewhat outdated looking namestyle was brought up to date and made to look much more robust and industrial. We strengthened their colour range by adding a deeper blue. Finally we developed a hierarchy of information system governing layouts & packaging.



"The new GFB packaging has immediately raised the GFB brand profile within the minds of hardware store managers and strengthened the brand position with existing distributors of GFB products throughout the independent stores. The brand is in an excellent position to now rapidly grow into the future."

Daniel Law – Managing Director, Lawtools