ICEPACK – Haultech Engineering

Tough identity for a robust product



Haultech Engineering is an Australian Company that for over 25 years has been manufacturing ICEPACK – a range of diesel powered sleeper cab air conditioning systems for haulage trucks. For truck drivers (particularly those operating in the north of Australia), their ICEPACK is essential – it enables them to get a decent sleep. Haultech was 'first to market' with their system and it is generally regarded by truck drivers as the best product available. However, competitors from overseas and within Australia had heavily marketed competing products – this combined with a major move to a new site, prompted a brand review.



We interviewed the Haultech staff and customers – independent owner drivers, fleet co-ordinators and fleet drivers. A recurring aspect we kept hearing about revolved around the time pressures facing the transport industry. Truck drivers need to deliver their cargo safely by a particular deadline. However, their speeds are restricted and the number of hours they are allowed to work curtailed (all very sensible). Except that ‘work time’ often includes sitting static in a queue of trucks for many hours waiting to unload. These idle hours constitute ‘work’, so having finally unloaded their cargo, they are on the road again – until they reach the allotted number of work hours, in which case they are obliged to stop and rest. These enforced rest periods don’t necessarily coincide with a need to rest, or even sleep. So the driver kicks his heels around for the regulatory period before setting off again. Later they may be tired, however they will continue driving,  because they need to meet the next deadline. So ironically the law helps contribute to a cycle of poor sleep patterns. This is dangerous.


The good news for those drivers with an ICEPACK, is that as well as keeping them cool, the gentle hum of the engine also helps induce a psychological trigger towards sleep – leaving them better rested and focused for further work. This idea of concentration and focus combined with the system’s reputation for robustness & reliability became the central concept for their brand strategy and identity.



“Previously we had a diffused identity because we promoted both our company and product names. By concentrating on just the ICEPACK name it has enabled us to be much more consistent with  our brand communications. The new evolved ICEPACK logo is strong and robust – just like the product”

Sam Overton – Director, Haultech Engineering