FIIG Securities Limited

Accessing New Customers



FIIG was established over ten years ago & provides investors with direct access to fixed income markets. Their customers comprise a broad range of types from large organisations such as councils to financial planners and individuals. The fixed income market is not one that is well understood (unlike equity for example). FIIG decided to rectify this by writing a comprehensive book entitled An Australian Guide to Fixed Income, which explains the asset class.



We worked closely with FIIG helping organise the segmentation of information and the pagination of the book. We developed a flexible layout system which enabled the various types of financial information to be set out in a consistent manner for the entire publication. We also worked with FIIG  on the marketing of the book by creating a series of animated advertisements which were deployed through the online financial magazine The Eureka Report – these led to a landing page containing a book demo.



“An Australian Guide to Fixed Income", is the first publication of it’s kind in Australia and has been an excellent marketing tool for us. Since it was launched in 2009, we have accessed a large range of new customers and the book design has played an important role in this.”

Jim Stening – Managing Director, FIIG Securites Limited