Ergon Energy — ROAMES

Attracting Media Attention



ROAMES (Remote Observation Automated Modelling Economic Simulation) is a new 3D spatial mapping programme developed by Ergon Energy. ROAMES enables Ergon Energy through specially developed technologies mounted in aircraft, to create precise 3D geo-spatial representations of assets such as electricity networks and reliably measure distances between its network and surrounding objects such as buildings, terrain and vegetation. The ROAMES aircraft have begun mapping the Ergon Energy vast 150,000 kilometres of electricity infrastructure. Data collected during these flights helps Ergon Energy improve vegetation management activities and thereby minimise the number of outages caused by vegetation. By using data from ROAMES to generate 3D computer models, Ergon Energy expects to save up to $44 million over five years. The technology could be developed further to deliver cost savings to government, the broader community and business. This brand new, ground breaking technology required a strong identity which would help clearly communicate the ROAMES service offering.



We worked with the ROAMES project team researching competitors in the field. This determined a position for it to hold in relation to its competitors. We worked with the Ergon Energy marketing department ascertaining the level of connection the ROAMES word mark should have with the Ergon Energy identity. We also worked closely with the aircraft manufacturer, drawing up detailed specifications for the aircraft’s vibrant livery.



“The ROAMES wordmark created by Willmore Design has assisted us in communicating the core benefits of the service. The ROAMES identity is clear, strong and highly recognisable. It is helping to attract a lot of positive media attention.”

James Bangay — General Manager, ROAMES