Increased Sales and Revenues



GK Electrical had been operating for over 70 years when they approached us to help create a catalogue system. The system needed to clearly identify their heat processing range of products and services, which they provide to large manufacturers such as Coca Cola and Golden Circle.



We conducted an audit of their existing materials and held interviews with key managers. It emerged that the name
GK Electrical was misleading because the organisation was often mistaken for a general electrical contracting company. The decision was taken to change the company name and Willmore Design led a name generation process to create the name, ‘Cynebar’ and the tag line ‘Precision Electrical Heating’. This helped clarify their areas of operation. Working on the communications material provided them with an opportunity to completely reorganise their product categories and introduce a new system that was aligned with their accounting procedures.



“Since we launched the new brand identity in 2006, our revenues and sales enquiries have increased by 10–15%. Our ability to swiftly service our customers’ orders has improved and we have much better clarity and ability to track the performance of individual product lines. Staff morale and retention has improved and a greater level of efficiency has been achieved.”

Jensen Nydal — Managing Director, Cynebar