Cotton & Co

Raising Perceived Value



Cotton & Co was a start up jewellery business that needed to launch a retail outlet. The business had been operating over the internet as the ‘Bead and Jewellery Superstore’ utilising a pile-it-high-sell-it-cheap strategy.



Learning about the market was vital to understanding what Cotton & Co’s position should be. Our research showed that at one end of the spectrum were companies utilising brash identities reflecting bargain basement value and poor quality trinkets. At the other end of the spectrum were sophisticated international brands selling masterpieces by well respected designers. We identified a niche position that Cotton & Co could hold whereby their products could be inexpensive, but branded in a reasonably sophisticated way. Cotton & Co could shift its product range away from beading towards the upper end of the market. We developed an identity that is contemporary and youthful, but at the same timeless and elegant.



“By appropriately branding the business, the perceived value of the product was lifted to a new level. Under the previous bead and jewellery superstore brand, a necklace selling for $200 appeared expensive and over priced, but by re-branding it as a Cotton & Co piece it became good value and extremely well priced. Furthermore, in many cases we were able to raise the prices of products.” Michael Cotton — Director, Cotton & Co