Camerata of St John's

A 40% increase in Sales



‘Camerata of St John’s was formed in 1987 by violinist Elizabeth Morgan as an idealistic ensemble of emerging artists. By 2005 it had transformed into a major chamber orchestra, well known for its verve, stylish presentations, and innovative programming.


In 2010 the board decided to enhance Camerata’s artistic reputation and expand the audience base by holding a series of concerts at the Conservatorium theatre in Brisbane – arguably the nation’s finest chamber orchestra venue. This presented a huge challenge. In order to make the performances economically viable at least 65% of the Conservatorium Theatre seats needed to be sold for each concert. Camerata needed to increase their audience fast!



The publicity material that Camerata had produced was of good quality, but too much emphasis was placed on individual concerts, rather than 'Camerata'. This meant that the Camerata brand was becoming diffused and weakened. The publicity material we generated took a more consistent approach. Their gold and black colours and existing logo were used to greater effect. We worked with Camerata and their photographer to develop a more distinctive photographic style. The material is now much more visually striking.



“Since we implemented our new material, we have seen some dramatic results – ticket sales have increased markedly. At our first Conservatorium concert we played to an audience of 450, a 40% increase on our 2009 sales, which was what we had hoped for, but didn’t dare expect. We have also been able to attract a much larger amount of sponsorship backing. The new material created by Willmore Design has definitely helped contribute to this ongoing success.” Rolene Orford, Manager — Camerata of St John’s

Marketing material for Camerata of St John's, a brisbane based orchestra, including: CD packaging design, leaflet design & poster design