Brothers Rugby Club

Refining an Identity



Since 1905 Brothers Rugby Club has produced countless Wallabies, Queensland Reds and captains for those teams. In late 2015 the separate senior and junior clubs merged. Today it is one of the world’s largest community rugby clubs. The merger of the two clubs became a catalyst to review and fine tune the club’s famous badge and communications material.



Our starting point was to research how and why the badge had evolved over one hundred years. Initially the club adopted the badge used by the Congregation of the Christian Brothers – founded in Ireland by Edmund Rice in 1802. As the Christian Brothers' badge evolved, so did that of the Rugby Club.


Over time several versions of the badge had been produced. Some in an abstract form, others more faithfully to the original version. We were keen to retain as much of the original form as possible in order to maintain the values communicated through the traditional design. At the same time the badge needed to be practical: work at large & small sizes, and be able to be printed clearly onto modern jersey material. We trialled several versions of the badge before the final was settled upon.



“The new badge has helped seal the smooth merger of the senior and junior clubs. The values that underpin our broad based community club are reflected in the badge. The brand identity process has also provided us with an opportunity to make our communications material much more consistent. In turn our club numbers have grown and we are now in a good position for expansion.”

Matt Kaye — CEO, Brothers Rugby Club