A Successful Merger



Argentis resulted from the merger of two independent financial advisors: Northern City Financial Services and Stantium. There was no need for either of the previous identities to be represented within the new organisation, and so they were free to create something completely new.



A new name was created – Argentis – a combination of the French word ‘argent’ (money) and ‘is’. This ensured that they were able to secure a domain name based on their organisation name. Argentis decided to differentiate themselves from other financial planners by offering ‘strategic financial advice on a fee for service basis’. We chose to focus on a key core value in working on their brand identity – ‘strategic’. Strategic because Argentis reviews and analyses a vast amount of their clients’ financial data in relation to their long term needs and objectives. This highly focused methodology is reflected in their logo – the merging concentric circles represent the alignment of a clients’ existing position, their long term objectives and the advice from Argentis.



The merger was completed successfully. The process of creating the new identity helped bond the two companies giving them a clear vision for the future. Argentis has been able to employ more staff and continues to value the ongoing work we do implementing the identity in their marketing and promotional material.