Our approach is highly collaborative. We involve our clients at every major step in the design process.

Research & Consultation

Successful design (particularly branding), requires thorough research and analysis of a client’s situation. It is important to understand how their products or services are positioned in relation to their competitors'.

This is achieved through visual audits, site surveys and interviews with managers & employees. On the basis of this research a brand identity plan is drawn up outlining: the brand’s target audience in relation to its competition; the brand positioning; the programme of work to be undertaken and the creative brief.

Design Concepts

Design concepts are explored under the criteria laid down in the brand identity plan in tandem with the client. Notional ideas become hard options expressed through key aspects of the brand: its products, services, environments and naming structures. The resulting solution is a single core idea from which the brand identity hangs.

Design Development

Brand identities, websites, or a suite of communications material needs to be rolled out in a consistent manner. This is best done taking a holistic approach – working on several items concurrently. It is important to test ideas and assumptions thoroughly in order to check that everything will be implemented as expected.

Specifications, Artwork and Maintenance

Great brands do not manage themselves! We provide brand identity guidelines detailing standards that should be adhered to. This, along with regular brand reviews, ensures that consistency is maintained.